Nolok babu is a young Bangladeshi vocal who has created sensation among music lovers in recent days. He is an example of how Natural Talents sign in. Closeup1 "Tomake Khujche Bangladesh" was looking for Natual talents alover Bangladesh and it discovered Nolok.

He was born in such a struggling family in Jamalpur that he could not even afford formal trainings in music. However, Jamalpur Shilpakala academy noticed his talent taught him basic of music. Then he practiced song without any instrument and became very popular among low-income neighbors.

Nolok is a versatile singer. Although he performed exceptionally good in folk songs for his powerful open voice, he also showed brilliancy in soft romantic and hard rock.

In only last few months, Nolok became almost a myth. Now people eagerly wait how he performs in different types of songs and send SMS to support him. In top-5 level of closeup he received three and half lac SMS. In this way he beat his competitors in Closeup1 contest in every round and none could dislodge him from top 3 positions.

Music lovers hope he will do better and better and enrich to main stream music in Bangla.


Most Popular Tracks

এই তো দেখি দৃষ্টির সীমানায় স্বপ্ন মেয়ে
এই তো দেখি দৃষ্টির সীমানায় স্বপ্ন মেয়ে
হাত বাড়িয়ে পাই না তারে মন বাড়িযে পাই সে যে কন্যা ভাল

Most Popular Video

কেন এই নিসঙ্গতা কেন এই মৌনতা আমাকে ঘিরে
ঘুমাও বন্ধু ঘুমাও সুখে সাড়ে তিন হাত মাটির নিচে
অন্তর ভিতর যে অন্তরে রহে সে আমায় অবিরাম কহে




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